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Danny Herz

URJ 6 Points Sports Academy
Fort Lauderdale, FL / Asheville , NC
Coach Danny Herz is one of the strongest voices in Jewish athletics in North America. He has called 6 Points Sports Academy his home since the inception of the camp in 2010.

Danny is known for being an energetic, enthusiastic and positive coach who develops his staff into leaders - by coaching his staff with the same passion that he coaches his athletes.

Danny’s leadership style has emphasized teamwork, accountability, and a great work ethic at 6 Points, and the staff love working for “Coach Danny”.

Prior to his full-time role at camp, Danny served on the senior administrative team at Jewish schools in Southern California and in South Florida. His full time duties in education include having worked as a teacher, coach, dean of students and athletic director since 2001.

Danny’s coaching resume puts him at the top of high school basketball coaching ranks, experiencing much success and being known as an innovator and creative mind that supported the personal and athletic growth of his student athletes at all times.

Danny earned his bachelors degree from the University of Florida (home of his beloved Gators) and his masters degree from Ohio University. Danny is a certified camp director by the American Camp Association (ACA), and a certified athletic administrator by the NIAAA.

Danny is a dynamic speaker who has been asked to present at many professional camp conferences, including ACA, FJC, and JCAMP 180.
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