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Valerie Weisler

The Validation Project
Foundation & CEO
A victim of bullying herself, Valerie Weisler couldn't stand idly by when she saw another student suffering. She said two words that changed both of their lives, “You matter.” His response, that her words validated him, planted the seeds for The Validation Project. Using her experiences in Tikkun Olam from Ramah and USY, Valerie launched the project five years ago to teach her generation how to use their worth to change the world. Now a college sophomore, Valerie leads 6,000 teenagers from 105 countries in skill-based social justice work. Her 'kindness curriculum' replaces government-led anti-bullying courses in 1,000 schools worldwide. Valerie also shares her message of validation at schools, camps, and events globally. Valerie has been featured in CNN, Glamour, The New York Times, and L'Oreal Paris. She was recently named one of Jewish Week's 36 Under 36 and is a recipient of the Diller Tikkun Olam Award.